Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts

by Berry-Stained Corset 

Mending Hearts is a vignette into the lives of two young lovers named Ada and Juno. Playing as Ada, you reunite with Juno at long last after she has returned from a long research expedition on an alien planet. You both can finally start rebuilding your relationship and turning your new house into your dream home.  Unpack, clean, and decorate your home to truly make it yours. Learn how to communicate with Juno and solve relationship issues together. Both your actions around the house and your interactions with Juno will affect the trajectory of your relationship. Can the two of you rediscover what you love about one another, or has distance and time driven you apart?

MS GDD Team (+ individual research topics):

  • Emily Horton – Discreet and Discrete: Designing an Authentic Virtual Girlfriend
  • Rye Ress – Data Structures(?)
  • Veronica Vitale – Making effective rating systems for decoration
  • Hanrui Zhang – Level Design

Other Team Members

  • Currently looking for 2D Artists (specifically for tilesets) and Audio Experts (Music/Sound Effects)

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