The Shattering Swords

The Shattering Swords

by Bladesmiths

The Shattering Swords is a 3rd-person action game centered around a real-time weapon-switching combat system. Combat is grounded and deliberate, similar to Dark Souls. You wield a magical sword that can change its shape on the fly when exposed to various gemstones. 

You play as a reluctant hero who takes up the sword to defend their village from a horde of living gem constructs. You’ll slash, roll, and parry your way through combat encounters, gathering new gemstones and mastering your weapon’s three forms: the balanced Topaz, the heavy Ruby, and the swift Sapphire.

The game culminates in a boss fight against the human leader of the horde, who wields a sword that mirrors your own.

MS GDD Team (+ individual research topics):

  • Nick Engell (he/him) – AI’s Influence on Engaging Boss Design
  • Trenton Plager (he/him) – Scrum for Student Game Development Teams
  • Kyle Weekley (he/him) – A Taxonomy of 3rd-person Melee Combat Games
  • John Vance (he/him) – Designing Enemies: Teaching the Player Through Gameplay
  • Rudy Zhang (he/him) – Signed Distance Fields (SDF) Applications in Real-Time Rendering

Other Team Members:

  • Sofia Brognara – Concept Art
  • Xy Hilbrink – 3D Modelling/UVing/Texturing
  • Effy Ma – Rigging/Animation
  • Michal Zadok – Rigging/Animation
  • Effie Wang – UI Design
  • Kesavan Shanmugasundaram – Technical Art/Visual Effects

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