<em>Through the Lens</em>

Through the Lens

by Hungry Turtle Studios

Five decades of decay have taken their toll on your family’s old apartment building. In this 3D Exploration Puzzler, you use photos from your grandfather’s album, as well as photos you find throughout the space to change the environment and open up new avenues to explore. 

When you line up a photo with where it was taken, its contents are brought back from the past to the present. Interacting with objects in this way will be your key to piecing together the full story: why did your grandfather seem to know he should take these photos, why did he seem full of regret, and why has no one come back since?


MS GDD Team (+ individual research topics):

  • Wren Bernstein (they/he) – Symbolic Signaling in the Game Space
  • Gavriel Miles (he/they) – Storytelling Across Media, Onboarding Through Narrative
  • Abigail Markish (she/her) – Houdini, Using SideFX Labs Tools to Create HDAs
  • Yuan “Alfie” Luo (he/him) – Tool Development, UI/UX design in narrative games
  • David Patch (he/him) – Dynamic sound design and player confidence in controls

Other Team Members:

  • Mitch Phillips – 3D Modeling/Texturing

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