Texas Throw ‘Em

by The Four Horsemen

ITCH.IO: https://mgaw.itch.io/texas-throw-em

An third person action game where you play as Ace, a villainous Stage Magician who has mastered the art of card throwing. Battle your way through the American wild west using your special ability to rob banks and commit crimes while staying one step ahead of the cops/bounty hunters

MS GDD Team Members

  • Raj Barot: Optimization of 3D assets
  • Robley Evans: Player Focused Feedback for Adaptive AI Agents
  • Mason Gaw: Gamification of GIS in Early Stages of Game Design
  • Pruthviraj Solanki: Inter-genre level design trend analysis and implementation

External Team Members 

  • Dan Thompson: Sound Creation/Composer

Faculty Committee 

  • Jessica Bayliss
  • Sean Boyle
  • David Simkins

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