When Push Comes to Shove


Itch.io: https://twolves.itch.io/push-shove

Local multiplayer party game with rogue-like elements. A series of serial shovers delve together into a dangerous dungeon for the promise of ludicrous loot, but in the end only one will make it out alive!

MS GDD Team Members 

  • Nuha Syed: Preventing Knowledge Silos in Small Teams
  • Ben Schlegel: Streamlining Minigame Creation Through ArchitectureS
  • Sean Foley: Creating Juice Through Audio
  • Mason Hayes: Appropriate Creation of Designer Tools
  • Destiny Treptau: Developing Cooperative Communication Mechanics to Support Team Communication

External Team Members 

  • Alexa Amoriello: Artist and Animator
  • David Sterling: Artist

Faculty Committee 

  • Austin Willoughby
  • Sten McKenzie
  • Eric Baker

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