Itch.io: https://hitstun-team.itch.io/flintlockd

A 2D/3D pirate themed beat ‘em up game, you will combo your way through a dense island city to uncover the truth behind the aristocracy’s mysterious weapon blueprints. Use your momentum stopping flintlock to keep combos going, or alley-oop some freestanding weapons to launch enemies into the murky depths below.

MS GDD Team Members 

  • Zach Erickson: Gameplay Programming, Audio 
  • CJ Knapp: 3D Level Design, Prop Design
  • Ajay Ramnarine:(2D Art and Animation) Reading Games: How Art and Animation Impacts Player Decisions in Fighting Games 

Faculty Committee 

  • Vanessa Sweet
  • David Sanchez
  • Rob Mostyn

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