Remember Wonder

by THE H.O.A.


Take a palm-sized elephant plushie on an adventure through the nursery of a suburban home, and collect motes of memory scattered across every nook and cranny by your 4-year-old owner and their parents.  Remember Wonder is a collectathon platformer inspired by Chibi Robo, Super Mario 64, and A Hat in Time, where young and old gamers alike can feed their childlike wonder and see the mundane world they take for granted from a novel, magical perspective.

MS GDD Team Members

  • Brody Davison: Player Perception of Character Velocity in 3D Games
  • Matthew Palermo: Crafting a Story Through In-Game Collectables
  • Ming Wu: Can sound design be used to find collectibles in the game?
  • Patrick Mitchell: Adaptive Difficulty in 3D Platforming Games

External Team Members

  • Bohan Li: 3D Art
  • Jia Wang: 3D Art, Animation

Faculty Committee

  • Eric Baker: Level Design, Casual Game Development, Player Experience Design
  • Erin Cascioli: Youth Education, Casual Experience Design
  • Nicholas Buonarota: Level Design, User Experience, Goal-Oriented Process

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