Eternal Sol


Eternal Sol is a 3rd-person action & adventure game in Unreal 5. You will be playing as an outsider who is trapped inside an island with a group of cultists that worship 4 different elements: water, ice, fire, and lightning. With the help of the island’s treasure, a hammer capable of manipulating the elements, you will be able to traverse areas that you couldn’t reach and confront enemies that you couldn’t defeat. Figure out how to utilize the hammer’s power and act accordingly based on your surroundings to find your way through the end. 

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows: Windows 10 x64 and above, with AMD or Nvidia GPU supporting DirectX 11 at minimum. Intel GPUs are not supported. 

macOS: macOS Catalina with Metal 2.2 support and above. Intel Macs require AMD GPUs. Apple Silicon Macs are also supported but the game will only run under Rosetta.

MS GDD Team Members 

  • Joseph Hong: The customization of asynchronous sprint reports with stakeholders
  • Julien Chaulot: Comparing the most popular ways to express in-game mythology/lore in order to develop a design lens.
  • Alex Parrotto: Cartoony Movement and Combat Animation
  • Zhenyu Cui (Tom Choi): Exploring Different Approaches to Cel-shading
  • Parth Rustagi: Different AI tactics and strategies for AI group behavior.

External Team Members 

  • Sarah Lenker: VFX
  • Scilla Raymond-Gazave: Concept Art, 3D Modeling

Faculty Committee 

  • Sten Mckinzie: Level Design, Project Management, Aesthetics Design
  • Ben Synder: Narrative Design, Environmental Storytelling
  • Chris Cascioli: Graphics Programming, Game Design

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