Into the Babyverse

by Archit Vishnoi


Into the Babyverse is a 3D space shooter game taking place inside a baby’s ingenious yet innocent imagination. You play as a baby space explorer who is on a mission to rescue his toys abducted by the aliens. This journey consists of various adventures that seem so utterly normal when viewed from outside but if you dive deep into a baby’s mind, the world as we know is much more imaginative and silly. You’ll encounter sleep-inducing milk bottle spaceships, marble planets, cookie asteroids, and a lot more happening inside a baby’s crib! You have to wade through the milky way while using your various candy-inspired guns, diaper traps, and poop bombs to evade and destroy spaceships. But most importantly, have fun doing it! 

Keywords: Space Shooter, Explore, Rescue, Toys, Guns, Bombs, Traps, Aliens, Milk bottle, Sleep, 360 camera

Faculty Committee

  • Jake Adams
  • David Simkins

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