The Pact


The Pact is a thrilling Rogue-like magic shooter where players make a pact with a mysterious demonic voice to save their family’s souls and destroy an astral world. With each enemy defeated, players absorb their power and grow stronger, facing increasingly challenging foes and obstacles. The fast-paced, action-packed gameplay combined with an immersive story will have players hooked as they navigate a world full of magic, danger, and intrigue. Defy the odds and unravel the truth behind the sacrifices.

Keywords: Third-person, Roguelike, Magic shooter, Unreal 5

MS GDD Team Members 

  • David Liu: Implicit Tutorial System
  • Jackson Shuminski: Gameplay Programming & Technical Art
  • Joel Shaji: Comparative Analysis Of Two Methods Of Technically Implementing Squad AI Behavior
  • Kesavan Shanmugasundaram: Optimizing VFX Pipeline using Houdini
  • Aditya Patil: Identifying methods of conflict management and resolution in a graduate capstone

External Team Members

  • Amelia Krouse: Narrative & Environment Concept Artist
  • Anthony James Olivero: Sound and Voice-Acting Design Artist
  • Gordy: Sound Design Artist

Faculty Committee 

  • Justus Robertson – AI system & AI Technical Design
  • David Sanchez – Aesthetics, Technical Art & Unreal Engine 5 expertise
  • Eryk Salvaggio – Game Design & Player Feel

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