Within These Walls


Itch.io: https://the-tri-hards.itch.io/within-these-walls

Within These Walls is a first-person, psychological horror game that invites the player to question the reality that they know. The player, playing as Jordan, will be guided through an -abandoned early 20th century Victorian manor where they must piece together the truth of the past that has haunted their family. The journal pages, newspaper clippings, and other artifacts found within the house will tell a tragic, chilling story of self-fulfilling prophecy at the same time that Jordan creates their own. Had the minds of the previous inhabitants been playing tricks on them, or is the old haunted house actually haunted? The truth is much more complicated than it seems.

MS GDD Team Members 

  • Corinne Fair: Event Sourcing as a Data Management Method in Games
  • Gel Howell: Breaking the Sound Barrier – Improving Hearing Accessibility in Horror Games 
  • Katarina Tretter: Storytelling Through Artifacts

External Team Members 

  • Cassy Snyder: 3D Artist
  • Diana Luck: 2D Artist

Faculty Committee 

  • Nick Buonarota
  • Eryk Salvaggio
  • Ben Snyder
  • Travis Stodter

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