Other IGM Student Games @ GDC ’23

Quack Attack by FIVE

Team members @ GDC: Megan Schier, Szun Kidd Choi

Overthrow the government to make Rubber Ducky Day an official holiday!
Quack Attack is a 2D platformer where resource management and pinpoint accuracy are key to defeating enemies and clearing levels fast. Play as Dewey von Drake, a programmer’s assistant gone rogue determined to fight for the recognition of the unsung heroes of code. Jump and dash your way through federal architecture and use your trusty water gun to shoot evil office supplies getting between you and the president’s desk!
What are you waiting for? We attack at the quack of dawn.

Rope Tool by The Spacies🦊🐦🐺🎍

Team members @ GDC: Team is remote. Faculty advisor Erika Mesh has a build 🙂

Rope Tool is a 2D space adventure game with high-octane action. You enter the world with nothing but a broken ship and a grappling hook, neither of which offer you very much mobility. The only way to stand a chance against your highly-advanced opponents is to scavenge for parts. If you bump into a discarded thruster, it will attach to the body of your ship, allowing you to activate it and propel yourself. Thrusters are a resource: you can hold onto them, lose them by getting hit, or launch them off to attack your foes. Anything you collect in this game is fickle, but that’s okay, because you’ll quickly be able to pick yourself up and try again with another thruster.

Croak & Dagger by Pondworks

Team members @ GDC: John Haley, Chloe Evans, Aaron Bush

Croak and Dagger is a Narrative Hack n Slash game about a frog traveling to save his kids with a baby frog that can turn into weapons! Over the course of the game, the main character’s weapon changes based on their relationship with the child and what stage the kid is in from the frog life cycle.

Project Spook by The Spooky Scaries

Team members @ GDC: Emma Smith

Your sister and her best friend have gone missing after a class field trip to the local forest. Law enforcement have given up the search and you’re running out of options. You’ve taken it upon yourself to go find out what happened to them. With only the light of your flashlight, leave the safety of your cabin and begin your trek into the dark forest to search for answers.